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Counselling services are available for individuals and couples... usually adults. We can discuss counselling possibilities regarding youth and families.

The fee for service is very reasonable. It is a flat rate rather than a sliding scale. The fee rate is per session and not by the hour...meaning that a session may be longer than a hour but there is no additional cost. Please feel free to phone to confirm fee rates.

Fees are paid through cash or cheque. Receipts for benefit plans are available. Third party billing is possible.

Usually counselling sessions are available during the week - the afternoon and early evening. However alternate times, such as mornings and weekends can be explored to fit with busy work and family schedules.


I have a strong interest and background in working with groups and teams in the community and the workplace. This ranges from facilitating workshops regarding particular topics of interest, development, or training to debriefing with individuals and teams in an effort to untangle communications, and the resultant stress, and strive to restore trust and respect in the workplace.


Clinical supervision has been an essential component of my professional and personal development. It remains a tremendous learning experience for me to engage with students and peers in this dynamic relationship.

I am available to provide clinical supervision for grad and college students who are developing their counselling skills and knowledge through formal practicum experiences.

I also enjoy clinical supervision relationships with peers who wish to implement such an opportunity as part of their professional and personal development, practice, and self-care. Fees are reasonable.

Charis Counselling Services, Prince George, BC

"Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the living soul. "
~Carl Jung
Charis Counselling Services